3 Color LED Face Mask uses optic therapy or LED photon therapy as a non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment.  Inspired and recommended by dermatologists worldwide, this top grade mask is lined with the most powerful blue, red & orange led lights. By illuminating the light sources evenly with the different wavelengths and using the principle of bio-ray therapy and light material with nanotechnolgy. 

Red Light: Wavelength 620nm-750nm Facilitates blood circulation and generates collagen to improve wrinkles on the skin.

Blue Light: Wavelength 476nm-495nm Helps remove bacteria from acne for clearer skin.

Orange Light: Wavelength 590nm-620nm Improves the function of oxygen change in the cells & helps blood circulation to help pigmentation on the skin fade.

Using it regularly will smooth wrinkles, firm skin and diminish discolouration for a beautiful, youthful complexion. With visable improvements in just two weeks, this is your fast-track to fewer fine lines and breakouts and a more even tone.  
This LED mask sits comfortably over the entire face. Use this mask while doing any household chores or sitting and relaxing watching TV.


3 Color LED Mask

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    • Step 1: Cleanse skin.
    • Step 2: Push button for three seconds to turn on the shield.
    • Step 3: Push the button until desired LED light color appears (red, blue, orange)
    • Step 4: Where shield on face for 10 to 20 minutes daily.
    • Step 5: Hold down the button until shield powers off.